Ever been able to point to a sound…literally? The Model 7 incorporates vactrols for surgical center channel imaging allowing unmatched spatial clarity within the stereo field. With a totally passive audio path, the M7 can be used as a panner or reverse biased as a crossfader. Click on photo for larger view

Model 24 Mark II Heisenberg Generator

As with all planned reissues from the Plan B legacy product line, the Model 24 Mark II stepped/smooth random voltage generator has undergone significant enhancement: An additional third output returns quantized stepped random voltages sampled from four user‐ selectable scales which can also quantize external voltages.  Internal pacing of the smooth and stepped engines are either random or metric and switchable cross modulation of the upper and lower generators return a significant increase to the depth of uncertainty. Click on photo for larger view

Model 10 Mark II Dual DASR Envelope Generator

The new Model 10 is a entirely different beast from it’s predecessor. The original dual phase operation has been retasked, reflecting a voltage controlled, retriggerble  four‐phase (DELAY, ATTACK, SUSTAIN TIME, DECAY) trapezoidal algorithm with independent gate outputs a range and a 0 to 30 seconds range per phase. Sustain time can be eliminated altogether, or user‐selectable to respond to either external gate or dial  present duration. The M10 generates linear, log or expo response curves and self oscillates as a triangle, ramp, sawtooth or squarewave LFO with a range from 0.00666 (four minutes) to 1K hertz which can be tuned to 1v/octave response.  That and it’s now dual! Click on photo for larger view

Model 16 Spectral Multiplexer

The Model 16 is a dual input, double‐redundant 12 bank voltage controllable arbitrary filter array with multiple output options: single/double bank per tap or single/double bank summed which can be swept through the entire spectrum in lowpass and bandpass modes. The M16 is equipped with 24 filter/VCA pairs, the level of each internally or externally controlled. Serial redundant filters per bank allow for dry (fixed filter bank) or high (vocorder) resonance intensity. Click on photo for larger view

Model 27 After Effect Generator

The Model 24 After Effects Generator is a dual input, fully voltage controllable stereo digital effects generator based on the FV-1 DSP chip. User selectable between 15 individual effects including five delays, four reverbs, two bit crushers, a distortion and flanger. Three manual Operands for each effect are fully voltage controllable. A sync input allows for externally-paced delay artifacts Click on photo for larger view