Model 12 mark II
Dual Vactrol Filter


The Model 12 Mark II is now dual! It consists of the identical silky-smooth two pole vactrol-driven State Variable multimode (lowpass,/bandpass/highpass/allpass) filters from the Mark I, now boasting three substantial improvements since the original 2005 release: An increased resonance index well into sine oscillation for VCO application which also commands distortion never achievable as a filter, significantly improved low end resolution, and the addition of the EAR-exclusive IFM SYNC mode also found on the M41 and M11 which manifest two independent harmonic resonant frequencies in high Q application.
The filters may be used independently (two separate inputs) or can be ganged in serial or parallel operation of a single input off all four of it’s outputs.
These new features yield a vivid spectral pallet ranging from incredibly smooth, impeccably musical coloring to in-your-face bad hair day Godzilla.

Width: 18 HP.  Current Draw (+ rail): 60 mA max.

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